Is it so much important to have a website for your business?

This question reminds me of a guy’s post i saw in a group on facebook “sell your brain society” saying he wanted to sell an eBook to raise capital using facebook and gather enough to set up a website and run his business proper.

95% of the replies was geared towards him getting a website to run his business forgetting the key outline in his post which was “no money”. One person offered to host a website for 6 months free if he gets a domain name for less than $15 on namecheap.

This to me was a good deal, very thoughtful and kind of him to offer that help to someone in need but what kept lingering my mind was “if a website was important”.

Why was everyone so quick to suggest a website as oppose to the guy’s initial thought of selling on facebook? With all these new tools and digital  platforms does one have to own a website to start a business online?

I did a research and came with the conclusion that having a website to run your business is important and in this post i will be telling you why besides just to follow what the kind gesture that initiated this post i might just be offering you a free package as well. Just keep reading till the end.

7 Reasons Websites Are Vital For Your Business.


Owning a website gives your business a professional feel and adds credibility to your business activities. A website is the modern traditional office where people go to for formal and visual inquiries. Everything about your business is placed online through a website, things like your contact information, the mission and vision statement of your company, customer feedbacks and testimony, awards and accolades etc.

There is credibility in your online business when you have a website and this allows consumers as well as other business associates with your websites.

A website puts your business at par with big companies for instance a simple shopify store where you sell female bags puts your business directly against amazon or ebay but customers relates with you more because of your direct approach to getting them to patronize your store. Your small business will gain credibility.


The internet in itself makes your business accessible and available 24/7 to millions of potential and existing customers. The internet comes with variety of marketing, communication, information gathering tools needed for a business to flourish and one can only reach the full potential of the internet with a website.

The internet also helps for showmanship, establishing your presence on the internet through a website allows you sell your image. For instance a painter  can have a digital portfolio of his works on the internet allowing customers to view his capabilities just by glancing through your website.

Marketing and Advertising:

Promoting your business requires the backend of a website to administer every marketing strategy adopted. From search engine optimization, social media, youtube videos, podcast, and a lot more, you will need a website to direct end users of your marketing to. After engaging your customers on instagram for instance and they feel the need to get your product the next thing that comes to mind is your website.

Your website is always the end place to go, to learn more about the product and possibly buy. Companies can advertise their business on your website also.


A website makes networking easier because you are open to a large number of audience, some of which are into what you are doing and looking to work with your company, exchange ideas, find solutions to problems, work on projects and probably make money together. Through guest posting you can intertwine with other related websites and gain multiple channels for sales.

Saves time and money:

Getting a website for your business saves you lots of time and money especially for a small business. A friend of mine wants to start a make up studio and training program where she can tutor young people on make up. She wanted a good spot to set up shop and execute her plans.

This to me was a good idea as every other idea there is but what was ludicrous was the fact that she wanted to set up shop and end up wasting money in my opinion.

For a startup the first thing you should consider having is a website and not a shop which cost a lot more. A website saves you money and also enable you have time to develop your business instead of worrying about other logistics that as to do with managing a shop. Build your business with a website until you get to a point where you feel you should have a physical location. 

You can host webinars online and have your training program. It is a start up you do not know how viable the business is yet until you start making money that is why you should build a website and nurture it to grow.

Sales and Traffic:

Every business exist to make profit and profit can only be ascertained when there is consistent sales exceeding expenses. Sales can only be achieved when there is a flux of people identifying with your business. These flux of people are called traffic and they are important in any business online. This is another reason why a website is needed.

The traffic is the end result of all the marketing and other campaigns driven towards making sales and this traffic needs a website to come to and view anytime they want.

Communicating Information:

There is nothing worth knowing about your business that you should not put on your website. Every information about your business, both old and new must be properly communicated on your website. Information about new products, details and descriptions, change in price, tax added, new posts and articles, etc are easily shared to your customers on your website.

Customers can reach out to you as well by laying complaints and observations and seeking inquiry through your website.

In Conclusion.

Over 80% of consumers are online searching for goods and services to spend on, and most of your customers already assume you have a website. Your competitors definitely do, so you do not want to be found wanting when they steal your customers from you.

I want you to understand that the world is online and it is only right that your business should have a website. Running your business on facebook and other social media site is good and in no way a bad idea but if you are pretty certain that you want to take your business serious and show your customers that your business is an actual business, yes a website is an absolute necessity.

I wrote this post to answer the budding question of “why is it important to have a website for your business?” and i hope this shows you how massive setting up your business online with a website is important

I am glad the guy at the introduction of this post got someone to build a website free for him. I wish i thought about it first even though It is never late to do something good. This is why i am willing to build a website for your business free.

Get your domain name and i will have any website set up for you.

Kindly leave a comment requesting for your free website. Also tell me how this post helped you or how building a website has helped or is helping your business.



8 thoughts on “Why It Is Important For Your Business To Have a Website”

  1. Business name just like a name of a particular person. Without a website name or domain, we are not sure who we are dealing with. Besides, it loses a chance to make some money with google Adsense. Thus, it is an essential to have a website name. We cannot use the facebook to advertises our product.

    1. A website is your identity and should be treated as such especially when you want to make a meaning business online and not just google adsense. Facebook can only take an extent but not all the way as with what a website can achieve.

      Excellent point you made Wong. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for a really interesting and useful article about the reasons that it is important for your business to have a website. You make some excellent points and I can see that you know a lot about this area. I am going to bookmark your page so that I can come back to it whenever I need a refresh.
    Thanks, Fran.

    1. You flatter me with your comment but really i try to pen down my experience when i write but i feel encouraged by your words to do more.

      I am glad you find the article useful and i look forward to serving you.

      Thanks Fran.

  3. Hi Jimi! Really interesting article you have here! I totally agree with you because I do own a business and there are endless benefits to having a website.
    I also liked you have written so comprehensively but still really easy to understand and digest! Love it!
    Keep up the good work and looking forward to your other post! 🙂

    1. Writing for my readers to understand is usually at the back of my mind when writing a new post.

      Your comment says i do well. It motivates me to do only better.

      I’m glad you find the article interesting.

      Thank you agin fernglo.


  4. Hi here. You explain well why without website is difficult to reach success online. The website is a presentation of our products, services which could help visitors to find what they look for.
    The Internet is anywhere. People use computers in all corners of world. Working online gives us opportunities to do what we want and can.
    Business can find customers easier when website is present. We can offer products in service to millions times wider audience compare with mortar and brick store.
    All the best, Nemira.

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