Backordering of a domain name is a service that allows you acquire a domain name as soon as it becomes available to purchase. It allows you buy a domain when its expired.

However it is not certain that you will get the domain name as the owner may renew order or you could be in a pool, auctioning for the same domain name.

You can backorder by adding domain monitoring to the particular domain name you wish to acquire and place a backorder when its available for registration. If its listed on auction an instruction is giving on how to participate.

namecheap offers a good back ordering service.

Buyers should be very careful when backordering. Before even considering backordering a domain name these are things you should consider.

  1. Look Up The Owner’s Info:

    Looking up the domain name ownership detail should be considered before backordering. Using whois to check for the domain name details will give you a background check of the birth time, DNS, and even the owners detail except it is protected. This will give you a knowledge of the domain name before making any move to backorder.

  2. Check The DA/PA Of The Domain:

    It is important to know the domain authority and page authority to check the ranking on google. Some sites drops their google ranking  or perhaps do not even have a solid rank on google. It is important you know this before buying an expired domain name. Make sure the domain name you are backordering has a 25+ domain authority.

  3. Check For Google Ban:

    Verify on google banned checker to make sure it has not been banned by google. If so you may use Google reconsideration request to ask for the ban to be lifted. You do not want to be in the cross road of a banned domain name from search engines so checking the desired domain name’s status on google is equally important.

  4. Use The Drop Catcher Service:

    This is not so important but hiring the service of another party with the practice of registering domain names once it elapse or when it expires. They are called drop catchers or domain snipers.

    Most domain names that are popular are usually a number of users anticipating the expiration. The competition makes it a business for the drop catching service. These services offer domain name upon its availability at an auction price.

    Registrars such as GoDaddy or eNom retain names for auction through services such as TDNAM or Snapnames through a practice known as domain warehousing.

    Drop catcher dedicates their servers to monitor the availability of the domain name, thereby informing those interested in the domain name.

  5. Check Website History:

    Before backordering a domain name, it is important to check the archive for the activities of the website. A website is your business, it is the location of your business online. You do not want to get a domain name that will be harmful to the success of your business. Domain names can make or mar a business, be conscious about the name you backorder.

  6. Google Adsense Ban:

    Google sandbox checker is the tool used to check the viability of adsense banned website. Getting a domain name for resale or affiliate marketing purpose requires google adsense for marketing purposes since making profit is the main purpose but some domain names get banned for misuse of perhaps SEO.

    Therefore, before backordering a domain name it is important one checks if the domain name is adsense banned or not.  On google sandbox checker click the preview ads after keying in the URL, You would see if the ads are available or not. Then you should know whether to backorder or not.

  7. Check Page Rank Of The Domain:

    Always endeavour to use fake PR checker to Verify domain name with genuine PR before backordering. Certain website tamper with page ranking causing them to be blacklisted on google thereby disrupting there profitability. You do not want to purchase a domain that is on the watch list of google.


Most domain names that you may like are already in use but sometimes website users do not even renew this domain plans, giving you the opportunity to obtain it when it expires. If you are keen on getting a a particular domain name that you like, you can backorder with namecheap.

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