Have you heard about twinkas? twinkas.com seems to be the best thing in ponzi scheme since MMM in Nigeria.

I first heard about it in January and i just knew it was going to be the same old ponzi rotation where initial investors get paid to encourage new investors and after two(2) to three(3) more payments the cycle crashes leaving new investors jilted. I mean just like the typical ponzi routing, only for me to hear as at today 11th april 2017 that it is still on and getting stronger with new means and effort to make it stand.

According to their about page “Twinkas was founded by a team of enthusiastic humanitarian specialists who wanted to overcome the routing and create a platform that would act in the market not only for business success but for the sake of humanitarian and financial empowerment services”.

Okay that sounds like a bunch load of crap even though some may perceive it as a well thought “about page” opening. It is a con, what do you expect? It has to be believable for you to be involved. It sure is believable, they have members of about one million subscribers and more trooping in on a daily.

With a promise of two times their investment and occasional three times return promotion, encouraging new members to sign up. 


They have six packages ranging from 20,000 – 200,000.

Premium – 20,000 to get 40,000

Elite – 35,000 to get 70,000

Ultimate – 50,000 to get 100,000

Ultimate-Prime – 75,000 to get 150,000

Veteran Cash – 100,000 to get 200,000

Twincash – 200,000 to get 400,000


It use to be 5,ooo to get 10,000, 10,000 to get 20,000, 20,000 to get 40,000, 50,000 to get 100,000 and later they introduced 100,000 to get 200,000 but they urged their members to voluntarily vote if they want the 5,000 and 10,000 package or not. The members voted it out and the 35,000, 75,000 and the 200,000 package was introduced. It is said that the 500,000 package will be introduced as well. 

They offer a pay out system of within twenty one (21) days.

Why They Are Still Operating.

Contrary to my initial thought on ponzi schemes twinkas consciously are making efforts to make it work but this is not to say that they will not crash. Several times now they have, but they keep launching again with different ways to make it stand. I will give you some of my observation as to why they still operate but this is not to say that they are any different from other ponzi schemes.

(1). Interactive/Communicative:

They have a blog, informing members of the new development and any activities involved within the program. Twinkas makes a conscious effort to communicate information concerning their website and program to its participant, making the members have some level of assurance enabling them to retwink their money, thus making it stand.

(2). Introduction Of Units:

Their way of counteracting frauds and people uploading fake proof of payment is the introduction of units into the system. Having units in your account qualifies you to get into any package and it requires money therefore if you have any fraudulent intent you may want to think again because it cost you money to get units. Existing and new members can buy through its e-commerce platform. 

(3). E-commerce Platform:

They introduced e-commerce platform where participants can converts their accounts to units for their different transaction.

(4). Create Tickets:

Creating tickets is like a complaints session where you vent on irregular twinkas activities, account issues, member issues.

(5). Twinkas Foundation Update:

This is an initiative giving the members to apply for grants of one million naira. Don’t ask me how, but apparently their plan is to grant ten million naira (10,000,000) in funds to twinkas philanthropists in 2017.

You must be a member of the twinkas community, must have at least Tks. 200,000 units in the E-wallet, must have a valid email and phone number.

The plan is to eradicate poverty  by supporting basic development projects in the following sections; medical, feeding the needy, public relief, people with special needs, prisoners care, orphans, charities, etc.

(6). Social Media Engagements:

They have a facebook group where members and their admin interact together sharing ideas and getting first hand information regarding twinkas. It is said to also engage in posting paid ads on facebook.

(7). Auto Rerun:

This is re-running a package on behalf of the participant to avoid cashing out and causing imbalance in the system. So instead of getting paid twice, the second payment gets automatically rerun causing participants to stay in the system which will also keep the system balanced.

The auto run is activated four times after which you re-do and pay for another one.


***Reasonable Ways To Make Money Legitimately!***


According to the website these are some of the moves i can deduce from the owner  as to why they are still in operation. This is not to say to that it hasn’t fold since inception, they just come back with new ways and ideas to make it work.

It is said that some of the participant that donated since February has not received their returns back. This same participant are some of those that are still keeping the twinkas ponzi scheme strong. There game has to be impressively strong for this same people to still be involved. This is just the thing about the insatiable greed of  money.

My Twinkas Verdict:

It is a scam, thread carefully. What this supposed characteristics listed above only tells me is that the owners have not reached their money mark, they have a goal they are targeting and it has not been met. As soon as they meet that target they will cash out. 

This might just be my opinion but the truth remains that it will crash and people will suffer from the loss. That is just the way ponzi schemes work, so my candid advice is that you thread carefully and be safe so as not be a victim.

What i know about people is that they are bent on doing what is already in there mind, this is why i wrote a post on how to make money out of ponzi scheme.

It is never an option for me because i make money properly online and this is another post i wrote on ways you can make money online legitimately.


Right now Twinkas is still the clear ponzi to invest in just be in it for specific reasons other than living lavishly. Put the funds into legitimate business and prosper from it. Know that Ponzi schemes can never make you prosper, there are other precise money making options you should build something around.

It is what i do and i will surely be here to put you through.

Get at me in the comment session explaining your ponzi experience or ask any question regarding online income or you can just drop a comment to say hi.

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