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Getting a WordPress website for your business should be the least of your online worries. This is 2017 bro, building a website never got easier.

You do not need to be a tech genius or some sort of developer to build a website, neither do you need to pay anyone “professional” to help you.

There are numbers of tools on the internet that can help create a domain name and build a website for your business for little or no charge.

On this article i am going to be reviewing a website hosting service powered by Wealthy Affiliate, called Siterubix. This is one of the numerous services Wealthy Affiliate gifts to its members.

This is one of the most powerful, robust, and feature rich website builder you can get anywhere. 

Siterubix is what powers a few of my websites and keeps my businesses running. I am going to explain all i know about siterubix and show you picture views of how you can get started.

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Pros Of Siterubix

Siterubix is a free website builder powered by Wealthy Affiliate. This is one of the benefits of being a member.

The Siterubix website builder isn’t just a web hosting tool, it has more unbeatable advantages that makes you want to build a website almost immediately. Some of which includes; 

  • One click website setup.
  • Over a thousand unique WordPress themes to use.
  • Website host for premium members.
  • WordPress optimized servers.
  • The most secure hosting anywhere.
  • Full redundancy.
  • Daily backups.
  • 24/7 website monitoring.
  • Fully managed websites.
  • Helps for comments and feedback.
  • Easy transfer of domain.
  • The siterubix sitedomain handles your site properly for seo.
  • Analyze website.
  • Send notification on the website updates like when its been indexed on google.
  • It manages the website.

Cons Of Siterubix

There are some limitations to the use of this web hosting provider. some of which include;

  • The free domain starter membership are created on the domain. Meaning you are in control of the domain but not the actual owner of the domain name unless you create yours.
  • It takes a premium member to transfer domain name.
  • You are limited to just a few website plugins and themes.
  • No FTP access.
  • You may not be able to register your domain with siterubix if your location is Egypt, India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines,Vietnam. If this is so you may register with another domain name provider and transfer to siterubix. I use namecheap for all my domain names and this is why, besides siterubix domain is a little expensive.

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Who is Siterubix For?

If you are looking for a free starter package siterubix is the ideal web host package for you. It gets better when you become a Wealthy Affiliate premium member so as to get the full benefits of siterubix.

Its no brainer the tremendous opportunities of wealthy affiliate, siterubix being one of them.

I recommend siterubix to anyone who’s ready to take their business to the next level or the new startup company or advanced company that is ready to take a big leap in their online engagement.

Easy recommend for all.


training kit

Training Overview

This is perhaps the only the web host provider where you have tutorial lessons/training on how to  

  • Build Your OWN Website.
  •  Creating Quality Website Content.
  •  Understand Website Pages & Creating Your First
  •  Your Own Domain, Your Brand.
     Setting Up A Domain Specific Email Account.
  • Get your Domain, Get your Website.
simple steps to set up your website

Tools Overview

Siterubix is a WordPress installed website with access to plugins and tools that are needed for your website’s growth.

It has tools that helps manage your website, domain name, site feedback, site comment, site support.

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There is a community of like minded individuals ready to tell you their experience and show you how things are done if you ever get stuck. 

It has tools that helps in engaging your website. Its not just about building a website, you need traffic that will improve your seo rankings and hence make the income roll in.



You can set up a website here for free or get a domain name for $15 a year and host it for free as a wealthy affiliate premium member.



Personally i don’t subscribe to getting domains and web host form the same place, reason being that if anything goes wrong with the company you are done for. Domain name to all my websites are from, i just simply transfer the domain to siterubix to build the website. This is not to say that siterubix is not trusted, it is just a personal rule to my business.

One click transfer, No hassle at all plus i get the same as i would if i registered with their domain but this time i am secured if anything goes wrong.

I use siterubix to host my platform on the internet and i havent any issues with them. its a 

5star rating





Thank you for reading this review, i hope you have a clear idea of how siterubix can be beneficial to your business online. You can reach me in the comments below on any observation or question you may have and i will get back to you as soon as possible.

8 thoughts on “Siterubix Website Hosting Review | The Ideal Web Host?”

  1. I have seen you have said that you cant register a siterubix domain if you reside in Egypt. That’s where I live and was actually intending to buy a domain in siterubix after this.

    Can you please tell me the reason why they have blocked people from my country?

    By the way, thanks for the name cheap alternative.

    1. Hi Dave,

      Egypt, India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam are the seven countries banned from siterubix for reasons I do not know about.

      I think it has to do with the malicious cyber events some bad eggs of these countries exhibit on the internet. However yo can still join as a premium member by registering with a vpn and then you will be welcomed with open hands in the community.

      Cheers Dave.

  2. Lovely post Jim, as someone looking to start an online business, siteRubix seem like the right way to go as im not yet 100% sure what i really want to do with the website

    1. Siterubix is the right place for your website plans. Check it out you will get everything you need know about building and making it work.
      Thanks for this man.

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