Product Name: Power Life Pro

Overall Ranking: 25/100

Price: $0 Down Pending Credit Approval, $2,380 + shipping, $3,980 + shipping, $4, 980 + shipping

Owners: Adam Whiting


$0 Recommended program.



Power Life Pro Introduction.

Powerlifepro system is one program I get a lot of request from people about my opinion. I honestly do not want to postpone it any more than I have these past few weeks that is why I took out time to this.

The website is not your everyday website it is an invitation based website apparently available to only serious minded people.

Ideally, the first thing I would do is check their website which I did and found that I needed to log in but there is no place however on the site to register so I was stuck. I checked the alternative domain website and got the same thing.

At first, I felt it was one of those ways of hiding the trick from people looking to make negative reviews and almost got discouraged on making the review but this below on the site got my attention. It says,

“Folks – obviously, the income examples shown are extraordinary. The income claims presented are not intended to serve as a guarantee of income. Instead, they’re designed to give you an idea of what’s possible. Success in this business – as with anything, requires leadership, hard work and dedication.”

Power Life Pro _ legit or scam business to do

You see what most people do not understand is that making money online is not a bed of roses. For every one person that made money online, there are at least five{5} people that did not make any money.

Maybe because they were not patient enough or did not put in the work or did not pay attention long enough to grow the business before jumping to the next shining object.

This writes up got me to further make my Power Life Pro system Review and inform people on what it is all about. I will be sharing everything I deduced in this post.

What is Power Life Pro?

Power life pro is a marketing system created by the Kangen Water buyers and Enagic MLM business as a medium to showcase and market their products. It is a marketing system developed by Adam Whiting with the intention to have one box set up for you to start your business online.

power life pro legit or scam
Adam Whiting


Power Life Pro is built to promote a specific line product from Enagic Kangen water. Enagic is the producers of ionization products that produces what they call Kangen alkaline water.

Enagic is a company based in Japan with offices in the United States, Malaysia, Tokyo, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Europe, Tokyo, Mexico, Malaysia, Korea, Australia, Canada, and Singapore with plans of setting up more offices, and believe it or not has been in business for over thirty years.

The Power Life Pro marketing is like MLM where you earn money commission from your sales as well sales of people you introduced into the system.

Power Life Pro _ legit or scam business to do

To be an invited member of Power Life Pro system you have to be a registered distributor of their products with Enagic, then you can generate your login details and log in with them.

Who is Power Life Pro for?:

  • Power Life Pro is definitely for MLM marketers
  • It is for Expert internet marketers with enough knowledge to convince and people to buy its high price products.


Power Life Pro pricing depends on the Enagic water machine model you select.

It is a zero dollar pending credit approval registration process then, up-sell.

$0 Down Pending Credit Approval, $2,380 + shipping, $3,980 + shipping, $4, 980 + shipping

The higher the machine selected the higher the commission you earn.


Power Life Pro Training:

The pieces of training you get as a member

  • Day #1-Welcome To The Team
  • Day #2-Launch Your Business
  • Day #3-Learn About The Products
  • Day #4-Learn About The Business
  • Day #5-Learn About The System

PROS/CONS Of Power Life Pro


  • The product you will be selling has many health benefits.
  • Build a good team and make money from your sales and team members.
  • Free marketing system.
  • You can be paid every day.
  • Active Facebook Community.
  • Product Manufacturer has Long Positive History.


  • You have to convince others to join and buy the products.
  • To get more money you have to convince your downlines to invest as much as you did.
  • You have to invest in the product by financing or paying thousands for the product outright just to use the marketing system.
  • Not to have issues with your credit on the machine you have to keep payments rolling.
  • No free shipping even with the high price imposed. Not good.
  • High commission sales which could be difficult for a newbie to execute.
  • Power Life Pro System is difficult to market.
  • Power Life Pro is not sustainable.

My Final Opinion and Verdict.

Frankly speaking, I don’t know what to think about Power Life Pro.

Is Power life Pro a scam?

Is power Life Pro a legit business?

Is Power Life Pro legit or scam?

I still don’t understand it after spending the whole day researching this. Perhaps their marketers can comment on the session below to explain their experience with it.

It may not be a scam but I can’t recommend it. I am trying to find a reason why I should recommend it for you and none is there.People are looking for programs they can join with little or no cost, not the high entry for more commission Power Life Pro offers.That could be for expert internet marketers, maybe?

People are looking for programs they can join with little or no cost, not the high entry for more commission Power Life Pro offers.That could be for expert internet marketers, maybe?

It could be for expert internet marketers, maybe? I doubt the experts would want to waste time on this when they must have gone through an easier platforms.

Whatever program online that is not newcomer friendly is a no go area for me. 

How do you expect a customer to pay as much as $5000 for a product and expect him to pay for its shipping as well? That is a poor business idea if you ask me.

It will be difficult to convince people to join with that system in place especially newbies that are looking for easy ways to make money.

I rate it a 25% just for that fact that it is not newbie friendly.

It would have been better if they had an affiliate program where you promote the products and earn commission instead of getting invited as a member of the Enagic MLM business.

The Enagic company has been existing for over 30 years meaning there must be something they are doing right so my verdict is just my opinion. It should not be enough to change your decision but I won’t advise you go for it.


Do not feel discouraged I know something online that can turn you from a newbie to an expert in weeks. A system that is guaranteed to make you money regardless.

It is the number one system thousands of people used to generate residual income on a daily basis. Click the link to know more about it.

I just made the Power Life Pro review for you but I am recommending something else. Guess what it is free to register and it comes with other free packages. Click to know more.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Kindly leave a comment on your experience with Power Life Pro and let us discuss it. Also, if you have any other program you want me to research about, put it out in the comment and I will be on it.



2 thoughts on “Power Life Pro Review | Legit Or Scam Business to do?”

  1. This is the first hearing about Power life Pro, Based on your review it seem quite confusing and something that got me scratching my head. Your review has some great information regarding how the system work and the investment. It seem like a scam to me, but this could be beneficial to someone who is willing the take this risk. I enjoyed your review you have done your homework providing valuable info about Power life Pro. Thanks

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