Are you one of the lots that find it hard to pick a niche?

My first experience finding a niche was pretty much shaky because I was new to niche marketing and I didn’t know what I was doing.

I was basically doing as told or as read in articles, so you imagine there was a little bit of newcomer fright in me but with time it became nothing.

Every time I think of starting a new niche site, I always have it mind to pick a niche that is profitable and of course, sells. Making money is the reason I am in the business so its only right that I find a niche that sells.

One thing that got to me as a newbie finding niches was “what exactly will I write about a product I have not used before or have no intention of buying?”. How will I even find it and how do I know it will sell?

You may be in this same position right now but you are in the right place to get those questions sorted out. As you go on you will understand how to find a niche in affiliate marketing that sells.

I am going to be using the amazon affiliate program (as I have always done) to find the product to sell and build a profitable niche around.


Why Amazon?

There are thousands of affiliate program to run with and make cool income from, sites like jvzoo, Clickbank, and a lot more but I find confidence selling and driving traffic to Amazon.

The commission is not as high as let’s say, Clickbank but amazon has its advantages;

  • It is easy for beginners
  • Amazon guarantees quality and original products.
  • Amazon scales it commission high when you drive in traffic. The more people buy through your link the higher your commission rate.
  • Amazon already spent on conversion, making it easy for beginners.
  • Amazon is a site with a wealth of information, tools, forum, sites.
  • Universal cookie; meaning you get a commission regardless. Amazon allows you to earn commission on any other product other than the one you are promoting. 
  • Amazon is the only marketplace where customers leave room for customer reviews, being that I may not have used the product or have a first-hand product experience.

Now that I have to give you the reason why you should promote and sell as an affiliate with amazon, it is time to show you how to find a profitable niche.

Key Notes When Finding a Niche.

Any niche can be profitable but it better to carefully eliminate the competitions and anything that might reduce your chance from the early stage. This keynotes should be helpful.

  • Anything with a respective audience is a niche.
  • You do not need to find a new unstrapped niche with zero competition. Find a niche with low competition and a decent interest.
  • The ideal product to sell for beginners should be priced at least $10.
  • Beginners should find a product that isn’t too big.
  • The start rating average should be higher than 3.5.
  • Try and make it multiple products within the category with 50 or more views.
  • It must have additional related products within that niche. This encourages other sales other than the product you are promoting.
  • Must have 500 and more searches on search engines.

Finding a Niche on Amazon

Any product that is on amazon as a potential to sell just for the mere fact that it is listed on amazon.

Every product on amazon can be a niche to build an affiliate site on, it all depends on where your interest lies and how well you trim down to its sub-niches or where the market favors it.

You may have an idea of what niche to sell or perhaps you have no idea. Follow my notes and take action, you should be good.

The first thing I do is search for “amazon bestseller list” on google. Amazon best seller gives me ideas on niches to pick and promote that are already selling pretty well.

How to find a niche for affiliate marketing that sells.

Here there are categories of niches you can choose from, you just have to be open-minded to the series of ideas. There are ranges of niche ideas from electronics, home and kitchens, pet supplies, office products etc. 

Selecting a niche should be something you are willing to explore and comfortable with. Clothing, shoes, and jewelry for me are easy and obvious, so I picked it.

How to find a niche for affiliate marketing that sells

Now you can see that we have varieties of products to sell and promote in the clothing, shoes and jewelry be very sure of eliminating competition and trimming down this niche I had to select a sub-niche in “men” under clothing, shoes, and jewelry category.

To eliminate competition and trim down this niche I had to select a sub-niche in “men” and then went a little further down tin the “accessories” under clothing, shoes, and jewelry category and came up with more products I can easily pick from.

I personally like caps so I am going for the hats and caps niche but even this is a broad niche on it own so I would go down even further and select the baseball caps.

How to find a niche for affiliate marketing that sells

Now I can select any product from this lot and promote but I should carefully research and find out its market validity before going with anyone.

What I am looking for here is a product with star rating of more than 3.5 and

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