Branding is creating the identity you want to be viewed as, it is the features that makes you different and stand out in a market where everyone is pushing information. Your logo, product, business name, customers, theme, designs and content writings is what makes you unique and different from other sellers in the industry.

It takes a simple google search to get every information about your company. You are in business as soon as you start producing contents so be informed that you are the product. People will search for your product and perceive the kind of entrepreneur you are.

You are already a brand even when you don’t pay attention to branding, people will still take you for what you put out.

Therefore, controlling what people see and think about your brand should be essential to every internet marketer or online business in general .In this Article i will be giving you tips on how to build a brand using WordPress.

This is how i built mine as a beginner, this should help you on how to go about yours.


What Is Your Brand?

Identifying who you are is paramount to everything you are doing online. Your success depends solely on knowing who you are, what you are here to do and who you are here for.

You can not sell to an audience you don’t know, and its because you don’t know yourself or your product. When you discover yourself, you will find people that are like you. These are you target audience, they are looking for you to provide the information concerning the said product.

That which you have in common with your target audience is your brand, package it to be perceived positively and like magnet it will attract your audience.


Build A Website

The first thing that establishes your presence online is a website. After discovering what you want to brand yourself as and who your target audience are, the next thing to put in place is to build a WordPress website with a proper domain name. A website is the place where the primary focus is you.

Social media sets your presence online rolling but everyone is looking out for your spot on the world wide web and there is nothing like creating a spot or an office where everything about your business is connected to.

Your website is like the central processing unit of all your activities online.

Building a WordPress website is very easy, can help you or you may check out my page on building a website and find out how i built mine.

My domain name is from, also check this page on how to build a website.

WordPress Themes

It takes only a few minutes to setup a WordPress website after which you install themes made available by WordPress.

Themes are the background setup of your website. It is the first impression people see when then get a look at your website. Your website depends on you to pick a theme befitting your brand.

There are thousands of free and premium WordPress themes to use for your brand. Website themes makes or mar the visitor’s stay on your website. Nobody likes themes that is not easy to navigate, so i suggest you Pick a theme that is easy, white background with black text and not too many going on, so as not to distract your audience.


WordPress Plugins

Plugins are functionalities that exist in your WordPress website to give it more life and meet specific needs. Building and sustaining a brand requires the need of WordPress plugins.

As a beginner you can start with activating the All in One SEO Pack which helps your blog to be indexed on google, Select SI captcha anti spam, Akismet Anti-Spam, Exchange pages from navigation.

Install if you cant see them already and with time as you grow your brand you can install more plugins needed. Be careful not to install too many plugin so as not to weaken the work force of your website.

About Me Page

The “about us” page is the most important page on your website, make sure you take out time to make it good. This is where you tell your audience who you are, your journey thus far and what you are about.

You could make offline interview questions and answers on yourself, just to be real and clear to your target audience.

Find a way to connect to your audience on the about me page. Make it superb by sharing your pictures, share a story,share your report and try and be creative enough in your realness to make your audience connect with your personality.

This is my about me page, sharing my journey is what brought me to this point.


Content Theme Pages

Do not see building a website as a theory or means to generate traffic and make money but rather for you audience to get knowledge based information of what you are giving out. That way they can pay you without feeling underplayed.

This is why the next step of building your brand using WordPress is to create theme pages. Create theme pages on your niche for this is going to be the foundation of your brand moving forward. This is what people will see and hence get ranked on google. For instance

  • building a website.
  • niche.
  • affiliate program.

These are the theme content on my website relating to the money niche, choose a theme that talks about your niche.


Contact Page

As a brand it is very necessary to be transparent, this breeds trust amongst your audience. Adding a contact page with at least your email and phone contact is crucial for direct contacts with your audience. Some users don’t like to contact you on social media due to how well they have connected with you they feel they are entitled in a certain way. They prefer a direct link contact.

WordPress can provide you with contact form plugins to install on your website.



Create a brand by showing what you can do, what you have done and how you can serve your target audience. Design a page with links and samples of your work. This stamps a print reassuring people of why they should stay and keep visiting your website.

Build A List

Putting your following in one place is major in brand development. After getting their attention with your WordPress website you need to be consistent in updating them. This is done through an automated system where you collect the email address, name, phone number of your audience that opts in to your list for the purpose of receiving free reports, first hand information, etc.

This automated system is called email marketing. It is a money making automated system that should definitely be your to do list if you want to brand your presence online.

Content Content Content!!!

After securing your brand all that left for you is to keep releasing contents.
The whole idea of the internet is to provide information and everyday millions of people are producing that information for millions of users.

If you ever what your brand to be solidified and in the required option of the go to place for every internet user in your niche, you have to keep producing and releasing quality contents.

Upload pictures and videos on social media, youtube, audios, always write new articles, and make sure they are new and unique, seo enabled for google’s ranking.


Get 2 free websites to kick start your wordpress experience.

This is how i am able to build a brand in my niche as an internet entrepreneur using WordPress, it applies to any business.

Getting started online is easier than you thought all it requires is to take a step and naturally you are inclined to make the next step and the next till you meet a goal and succeed.

Thank you for reading this article i hope you enjoyed reading. Leave a comment below and drop any observation or tell me how you are doing branding yourself.



2 thoughts on “How To Build a Brand Using WordPress | The 147 Code For Branding.”

  1. Great article on brand building. I do think it’s important to identify who you are first and how you want your customers to view your business. You have done an awesome layout of the steps it takes to start building your brand. This is a great guide for anyone who is just starting out in the internet world. Thanks

    1. exactly laying down who you are as a business determines the path your business will take.

      Thanks for your contribution Anthony.

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