The internet is one place with different opportunities it only depends on what you are taking out time to do on it.

I was just about writing my review on a new money making scheme called tecademics when I bumped into this website that helps you to find the best flexible jobs available easily and safely.

It looked like a legitimate job search website but I felt the need write a review about them especially for those who want to know if it’s a scam. I honestly want to know if it Flexjobs a scam or a legit job search site.

Like I said the internet is about opportunities, I want to be a channel that provides that opportunity. Now for the review

Product Name: Flexjobs

Overall Ranking: 80/100

Price: $14,95/month, $ 29.95/3 months or $49,95/year

Owner: Sarah Sutton Fell


$0 Recommended program



According to the site,

 “FlexJobs is the leading job search site specializing in professional telecommuting, part-time, freelance, and flexible jobs. “

Flexjobs was founded in 2007 by Sarah Sutton Fell from her own frustration in finding a flexible job.d

The website provides job seekers access to jobs that you can do from home part time or full time. Their focus is on freelance jobs, work from home, flexible, part-time that are completely flexible and scam free. Meaning if you want a job with enough space and time to do your own thing, without compromising then job flexjobs is the place for you.

However, flexjobs is not like the other types of online job search companies/website because it is a paid membership site. From my inquiries, I was able to come up with reasons why the paid program flexjobs provides is actually not a scam.

The truth is there are loads of junk job offering on the internet from business opportunities, endless ads, broken links, repetitive postings, or just straight-out scams. Flexible guarantee jobs from well-researched companies, jobs that will take you out of the bullshit opportunities that may come your way surfing the internet.

How Do Flexjobs work?

They have a team of educated and excellently trained researchers whose job is to do the work of job hunting for you so you don’t have to.

They make it their duty to look for flexible, professional and legitimate jobs from the everyday job search place like blogs, employer sites, offline newspaper adverts and so on.

What happens is that this team of researchers find promising jobs on these job hunt platforms and make further researches on them for the company’s legitimacy.

After the thorough research, if they deem the company reliable the job description, company description and other information are added to the website for the job seekers to apply.

Who is Flexjobs For?

From all, I have been saying you can tell that flexjobs is entirely for job seekers. I mean you made this search on flexjobs because you are looking for a job. Maybe not but here is a breakdown of those who might need flexjobs;

  • Work from home dads and moms.
  • Students looking to make a living while still studying.
  • Retiree looking to earn income from his profession still.
  • A full-time worker looking for another means of income within outside their profession
  • sportsmen or entertainers looking to earn an income on the side working from wherever.
  • Flexjobs is for disabled or physically challenged people looking to earn income within their means.


Flexjobs has a membership payment for job seekers before any form of service can be delivered. The entry price is;

  • Month-to-month subscription of $14.95/month.
  • $29.95for three months.
  • $49.95 for one year.

What are the Benefits Of Flexjobs? Is It Really Worth  It?

  • Enjoy job searching experience that is already done for you without hassle.
  • Enjoy the benefits of getting scam free jobs.
  • It keeps updated listings and openings of current jobs that you can do from home.
  • It saves you lots of time searching for jobs that may end up being false.
  • It is faster searching for jobs when doing it with flexjobs.

Below is an image of people with testimonies. This could be a more reason you should use flexjobs.


FlexJobs Cons And why You May Not Have it.

  • It is not entirely for at home job seekers. You may have to
  • The fee. While $14.95 per month is not a lot of money, it’s still a cost when there are other free works from home resources out there.
  • It is possible to get a job elsewhere since they sort for jobs on the usual places one can find a job.
  • It is expensive. Why do I need to pay a monthly fee of $14.95 if you are sure I am getting a freelance job with you.

Flexjobs Support:

Their customer support system is actually top notch. You can reach them 24/7 via email, phone, live chat and they have standby staffs ready to give you feedbacks as regards to your inquiries.

I even chatted up a customer care personnel named Karin and she was kind enough to answer my questions. It shows you are not alone, someone will definitely be there to help you with anything.

My Verdict:

In my discussion with Karin she made it clear that the job offers are for companies based in the United States. She mentioned international list for job seekers in other countries but it is obvious it is meant for just those resident in the United States.

As much as it is very legitimate, it is strictly location based meaning it is not for people outside the United States.

Also, it is not like affiliate marketing or any other online business where you are the entrepreneur that dictates what you take at the end of the month or whatever.

You probably came wanting to know flexjobs is legit or a scam business to do?

I can tell you it is not a scam, it is legit and it something you can do, that is why I give it an 80/100 in my ratings.



In conclusion Flexjobs according to my research and findings is a very good and a good one for anyone that wants a job but I have an even better proposal for such people. A proposal that involves no payment yet you learn everything that ensures you make a good living online.

From as little as $8 to unlimited amount of resources. I would urge you to test it out and see if it is something you can do.

As much as Flexjobs is very good I would love for you to check this review I made months ago, a review that comes with two (2) free websites and twenty video lessons (20) enough to earn you millions as an internet marketer or whatever business you want to do online.

Kindly leave a comment below and I will humbly reply you with anything you might need help with.




2 thoughts on “Flexjobs Review: Is Flexjobs a Scam or Legit Job Search Site?”

  1. I was interested in Flex jobs but yes, I too had second thoughts because there are a lot of other free sources that can prove to be effective in order to find a job.
    I think I would really try the free sources and see if I get somewhere rather than paying monthly fees to some service which is almost the same.

    1. Hey Shrey,

      This is well said, there are better platforms that will teach you to make money working for yourself instead of working for others like flexjob is offering, Working for yourself is always the safer bet.

      I wish you all the best shrey.


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