Finding a Niche Market


The online market basically is the regular form of marketing which is buying and selling. Where there is a demand there is a supply and vice-versa.

As long as there is a market there is a product to sell. You do not need to be a guru to sell something online. People make millions, off selling the weirdest of things.

There is a community of people of the same interest as you, regardless of what it is you are into, there are hundreds, and thousands, even millions of people looking for information of that same thing on a daily basis. Your duty is to find them. Start by;

  • Identifying these people.
  • Identifying where they are, what they look like, and where they can be found.
  • Identifying their passion, desires and goals.

Knowing these about your potential clients enables you to know the right bait to use in bringing them over to your community and the right result you want to keep them with.

The common factor you use in bringing this group together is called a niche.


What is a Niche?


A niche is a small part of a large system. It is finding a role that works and you feel comfortable in.

In the online system, it is a website that caters to the need of a small group of individuals with common interest in a bigger market.

Understanding and finding a niche is where most newbie tend to dwell on for so long.

Think of it as a group of people. Where you have a group of people, there is usually a common interest, that my dear is a niche.


What is my Niche?


Well my niche market is “making money online”. Everybody reading this wants information on how to make money online so I provide the basic codes to making money online.

There are hundreds of niches out to there to form a market out of but 80%-90% of big hits niche in the online world revolves around this three (3) niche category.

  • Health and Fitness.
  • Dating and Relationships.
  • Business and money.

Remember we defined niche as a small part of a large system. These three on its own is a large system, it could work for you but be ready for a slow process due to competition.

The online market is about carving out a “niche” that works, so you need to eliminate as much competition as you possibly can.


What do you do next?


Whatever interests you out of this niche, look for it sub-category and then break its sub into another sub-category and then break that sub-category into another sub-category until you are comfortable.

You cannot be comfortable until you find your niche. Finding your niche is the single factor to actualizing success in the online market.

Let me break these three niches down to their sub categories that you can also work with.

  1. Health and Fitness – fat and weight loss, hair loss, body building and fitness, wellness, high blood pressure, health issues like HIV, cancer, diabetes etc. skin care, beauty, stress management, fertility and so on..
  2. Relationship and Dating – Dating, marriage, divorce, love, romance, sex, etc.
  3. Business and Money – making money, business opportunities. Business registration, import and export, real estate, stocks, loans, book keeping and accounting, writing and publishing, event planning, time management, marketing, starting a business, foreign exchange etc.

Though, these are the major three when it comes to niche marketing, it is not tied to these three only.

Others include;

  • Travel – immigration and emigration, passports, visa, holidays and vacation, hotels etc.
  • Family life – parenting skills, baby care, child discipline etc.
  • Home appliances – interior designs, electronics, bulbs, alternative energy etc.
  • Pets and animals – dog training, parrots, cats, animal healthcare etc.
  • Sports – football, betting, rugby, sky diving, sport racing, sport commentary, sport news etc.
  • Self improvement – mind power, public speaking, success mindset, self defence etc.
  • Food – farming, cooking etc .
  • Music – guitar lessons, piano lessons, song writing, stage management etc.
  • Religion – Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, astrology etc.
  • Education – home schooling, local and foreign language, foreign studying etc.

There are loads and loads of niches out there. It’s all about you creativity.

Whatever idea you have, people are already interested in it, look for those people and create an audience out of them.

This is the beginning of your online success.

On this platform I am going to be,

  • Dishing out niche ideas you can work with.
  • Teaching you to dissect your niche ideas.
  • Selecting products to sell in your niche.
  • Affiliate programs for your niche.

Need help with you Niche?


Need help with your niche ideas or you have any questions, find me on wealthy affiliates. This is my personal profile.

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