After you must have figured out what to niche to sell online(check here), you need a store, a shop, an office, a place where people in your niche can find you. This place is called a website.

Wikipedia defines a website as a collection of related web pages, including multimedia content, typically identified with a common domain name, and published on at least one web server.

Everything is linked to a website; the first thing every potential customer looks for in any of your social media presence is your www.(yourbusiness).com

A website is a core component of your online business. It enables your online business function like a regular brick and mortal store.

A website makes your business easier, serving as your virtual office address, mailing address, money transfer service, contact details and everything pertaining to your business.


What You Need to Build a Website

Building a website is no rocket science. You do not have to be a programmer or software professional to build a simple word press website. Let me know if you are having any challenges building your website but all you need is a:


This is your business name on the world wide web. A domain name is what separates you from the millions of business on the internet., is an example of a domain name. It is exclusive to the owner alone.

You can register your domain name with a number of registrars and providers. You pay a yearly subscription to use your desired domain address. If you stop paying for the domain address when your subscription expires, the domain name is open and available for another person to use.

Domain name always ends with a .com, .net,, .org etc. but I strongly recommend that you use a .com. I use namecheap for all my domain names.

Web Hosting:

This is a space on the internet where contents and information about your website is stored and displayed for people to surf when they type in your domain name.

A domain name and a good hosting outlet is the right start to developing your website. What you also need is a WordPress computer application that supports the creation and modification of digital content.


WordPress as the Content Management System

WordPress is a word that goes across the internet a lot. It is not only the most popular cms but the world’s widely used website framework. There are quite a number of cms one can use but i am not going to rumble your mind into any of them because even the best of professionals uses WordPress.

WordPress does not require PHP nor HTML knowledge unlike any other cms. Its preinstalled plugin and template function enables setting up your website as easy as tapping a button on your keyboard. With a Content Management System like WordPress anyone can build a website and succeed online.

Benefits of Using WordPress:

  1. Useful community support that helps.
  2. Dozens of thousands of plugins for effective cms experience.
  3. Thousands of templates for your website look.
  4. Menu Management functionalities that includes categories like pages, appearance, users etc.

Do You Want to Build Your Very Own WordPress Website?

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And just like that, you are going to have your very own, fully functional WordPress website up and running.


Need Help with your websites?

Kindly ask!  If you need help with anything that I have given here, please leave a comment below or you can get in touch with me inside of Wealthy Affiliate via my profile there.

2 thoughts on “Build a Website”

  1. Thanks for a great guide in how to get a website up running. I have been searching for some time now, without taking off so far. But this article has helped me to get started. Its a very good recommendation the siterubix part. Thanks man

    1. Hey Thomas, its feel great to know you learnt a thing or two from this article. It encourages me to write more.
      About siterubix, it is not just the most secured hosting service, it enables WordPress optimized servers, full redundancy, daily backups, site health analyzing, full time website monitoring and management, great pick of themes to use and more. It sure is a good recommendation:)! Thanks for the comment.

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