Don’t you ever wonder how these information sites get paid?

You search for a topic on google and then click a link to a site you feel has what you are looking for, then you browse the site and get article upon articles relating to that topic to get you informed.

Doesn’t it cross your imagination, how this type of websites get paid?

Do they just feed google and other search engines with contents for free?…..

…….Oh, did you just say advert?


Well Yes true, actually they also get paid through google ad-sense and some other means but if i may bust your bubble, these are just little cheques compared to what they do online which is Affiliate Marketing. 

Affiliate marketing is one of my favorite businesses guaranteed to make you money online. 

Every good Blogger, content and article writer posts content daily, weekly etc on their website or blog for the purpose of disseminating information. This is what gets them ranked on search engines(google, yahoo, bing).

These articles are just bait in form of contents to direct your interest into another website to get you to pay for a product or service.

The more quality content they have and post online the more favor they get with Google.

People identify with your website because of the value you give. Therefore, the more visitors you get on your site, the higher your site ranks on google.

So basically, contents are made for the ever competitive high priced first page of Google? You might ask….

…..Well yes, but not necessarily.

Contents are made consciously to drive traffic enough for a good percentage of visitors to identify with a link on your site that will give them more value of that information on another site, usually at an end price.

This is the idea with affiliate marketing.

In this article i am going to explain what affiliate marketing is and give you step by step beginners guide to becoming an affiliate.

What Is Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is an online marketing arrangement in which a website gets paid a commission for every paying customer it directs to the retailer or advertising company .

This is a marketing system adopted by retailers to move their product deeper into the market by leveraging on other websites and of course paying them a commission for it.

It is not that complicated, this is how it works.

  1.  You find a product you would like to promote.
  2.  Sign up for their affiliate agreement and obtain your affiliate links.
  3.  Promote the links on your site, and any other platform.
  4.  Earn commission on every sale made through that link.

Affiliate marketing is classified into four(4) categories;

  1.  The Vendor or merchant.
  2.  Affiliate or publisher.
  3.  The consumer.
  4.  The network.

The Merchant:

The merchant is the creator of the product, the retailer looking for customers to buy their goods. The Merchant advertises a product by providing unique links, banners and other advertising tools relating to the product for the publisher to work with for easier conversion to sales.

Any one can create a product and place it in an affiliate program as merchants, so long as they are ready to part with a good ratio of the product for affiliates.

For instance Mr Stanley sells a book on how he made 500 million producing water or a multi million dollar bottling company sells a training kit on water production.

If you have a product; physical or digital? you can be a merchant in Affiliate marketing.

The Publisher:

A publisher is the middleman between the merchant and the consumer. This is the actual marketer in the system, also known as the Affiliate.

The affiliate reviews one or more products in his niche with the hope of convincing a customer to buy, which allows  him earn a commission from it.

It is the affiliate’s business to place the merchant’s product banner and links affiliated to him on his website while reviewing or giving information about the product.

Using the water business example, an affiliate writes reviews showing the customer the value of buying the book or the training course.

The Consumer:

This is the customer interested in that water business and looking for a valid opinion or route or which product to buy and get maximum value.

The customer sees the affiliate’s review, likes it and click to the merchant’s site to get more information of the product, then buys. The consumer finishes the affiliate marketing cycle by paying for the goods.

The Network:

The Affiliate Network is the middleman between the merchant and the publisher. While the merchant creates and the affiliate marketer works to get sales, the network handles payment gateway, product delivery and any other technical underground dealing with the consumer.

In some cases internet marketers do not consider the network as one that should be mentioned in this four(4) category but rather just the remaining three(3). It is because some merchants run their affiliate programs directly with affiliate marketers.

Networks like clickable, shareable, clickbank, amazon has plenty of digital and physical products for publisher to pick from and promote.

Networks like amazon are reputable enough for merchants to advertise their products on and open for affiliate marketers to promote to the consumers.

pictorial view of affiliate marketing with the amazon network.


Why Become an Affiliate.

I have explained the four parties involved in the affiliate cycle. The system allows you get involved in any part you want but for the purpose of being transparent and honest i will tell you what i know more about which is Affiliate.

To explain why becoming an affiliate marketer is good for an online startup, check these highlights on the benefits, pros and cons of an affiliate.


  • Becoming an affiliate marketer is probably the best way you can make money easily online. It takes longer to build but guarantees steady income in your pocket for as long as you want.
  • Affiliate marketing is set in a way that when the website is built enough to attract traffic you can auto run it and focus on other things.
  • It doesn’t require building a shopping cart like eCommerce.
  • No customer support required. Yours is to push traffic to the vendor’s site and earn from it
  • You get the maximum benefit of the product, like it was your own product. In some cases you can even earn more than the vendor/merchant especially when the commission is more than 50% .
  • Low or no start up cost.
  • No skilled required.

Pros And Cons


  • The only skills required is the basic computer skills. If you know enough to browse in and out of facebook, you can become an affiliate.
  • You can sell more than one product in your niche which widens your passive earnings unlike when you are selling just your product.
  • Promoting a product as an affiliate just like any other online business is fun and opens your mind to learn new things.
  • Although it is important to build a website, affiliate marketers do not have to own a website to promote a product.
  • It doesn’t stop you from doing other things, it doesn’t take you away from your day job. Two(2) hours a day is enough to get your work done as long as you are determined and consistent with your task.
  • An affiliate website is all the knowledge you need to start a website for any other online business.


  • It takes long to start receiving its reward. It is not a get rich quick scheme like any other legitimate business online or offline it requires work. I like to tell anyone getting into this business to keep in mind the level of work you want to put into it because that is what you will get out in return.
  • Being consistent with contents might be mind blowing and often times discouraging.
  • There are content thieves on the internet. Creating contents requires a lot, perhaps this is why certain people steal form other information site to create contents. Google has a way of dealing with them.
  • Creating SEO related contents is demanding and tasking even though its something you should always put into consideration when creating. It is important to create what people are searching for

How Affiliate Marketing Works.

If you read to this point then you really want to start your business as an affiliate marketer, and i am ready to set you up all the way to your first £$ which is closer than you think. In this paragraph you will understand what to do and how to start as an affiliate.

  1. Find a Niche.
  2. Find products to promote and earn from
  3. Build a WordPress website.
  4. Provide Contents and invite traffic.
  5. Promote your business.

Find A Niche:

Finding a niche as to do with that thing you love doing, you can do, you have interest in, or what your research says is right to do as an affiliate.

You should know that you can make money as an affiliate selling any niche for there is no such thing as a wrong niche. It is just important to narrow the niche to the lowest possible competition with a high demand.

Lets work with the mobile phone niche for instance, you stand a better chance breaking this to a particular brand, say iphone 7 which is a sub niche and as convenient as it is, it is still a crowded niche, setting your niche up to a simple app on the iphone 7 gives you a niche to target.

Choosing a niche should not be confusing and don’t let this drag you down. Anything you have an interest with is also interested by many, you can create a market and target that niche.

A niche is an audience, it is a distinct segment of a market. I explained what a niche is about and how to find a suitable niche in your interest on this page. 

Affiliate marketing is not something you can just rush into without proper research of the market. You don’t want to spend months and months without any real impact into the market.

Find A Product to Promote:

There are bunch of products you can promote for networks like linkshare(, commission junction(, amazon association program(, shareasale(, JVZoo(, and more.

Go to any of this site and search for a product to promote.

Build A WordPress Website:

After getting a product to promote in your niche the next step is to build a WordPress website. Building and nurturing a website is the beginning of a successful in affiliate marketing. This is everything to your business and you want to be viewed or read as thought leader or professional in your niche. 

Do not let this scare you, building a website is no rocket science, anyone can build a website in minutes.

It takes nothing to build a website check how here, after which you setup the website ready for google index.


Provide Contents:

Once you have been able to set up your website, its time to breath life into it. Contents enables your website ready for optimization, which attracts people and convince them to buy what you are promoting.

Website Rankings + Targeted Traffic = Revenue£$!!!

When creating contents be SEO conscious so as to target what people are searching for. When creating a topic always use keywords relating to what is been searched for on google.

A keyword is simply a word or phrase that is commonly searched for in the search engines. Every time you do a google search you are entering a “keyword” into the search box.

Targeted keywords means targeted traffic, hence revenue.

Promote Your Business:

Once your website and affiliate business begins to makes sense it is important to start promoting it with paid advertising. 

  • Facebook ads.
  • Google ads.
  • Email marketing.
  • offline advertising like newspapers, magazine.

It is your business so endeavor to spread the news which ever way possible to increase traffic and earn revenue.

Promote your business by hosting

  • Webinars.
  • Teleseminars.
  • Podcast.
  • Social media engagement.
  • Word of mouth.
Picture View Of  Affiliate marketing.






Recap & Conclusion.

Remember affiliate marketing are in four categories.

  1. Merchants.
  2. Affiliate.
  3. Network.
  4. Consumer.

We learnt about affiliate and to be a successful affiliate marketer.

  1. Choose a niche.
  2. Find a product to promote in your niche.
  3. Website.
  4. SEO optimize your website.
  5. Advertise your website.

I hope i was able to explain affiliate marketing to your understanding. I would appreciate a comment below.

This website is an affiliate site and my niche is on providing information on the money making systems and schemes there is online.

Even though i had an hint of how affiliate marketing works i just did not know how to start and build something. After several attempts, i was always stuck and lack the right drive, i came across wealthy affiliates.

I prepared a review on wealthy affiliate, follow this link to and see if it is something you can opt in for. Its free.

Please do not forget to leave a comment below, ask any question on this post or as regards to making money online and i will be here to guide you.



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  1. I really loved how you die deep into the explanation about affiliate marketing. At least, we can distinguishes what is not a scam and a real earning marketing.

  2. Great review and I really like the look and feel of your site. Keep up the work and I hope my site comes together as nice as this.

  3. Affiliate marketing has never been this simple in explanation.
    I am looking to carve in niche in body building, what do you think?

    1. Thank you for reading and its good you got it.

      A niche in body building is a very good niche but to slim down the competition you could break it down into subs like body building without lifting weights or simple exercise for a fit body….. play around keywords for bodybuilding and find something.

      You can check my page on finding a niche through this link

  4. I myself have actually been in affiliate marketing and found what you have written in this post very very true. Especially the one where it takes time and very discouraging because in the beginning there is little to no results for what you do. But after a while, when the traffic comes and your site becomes more recognised and matured that’s when the seed that you have planted paid off. Thanks for this article, and looking forward to the next!

    1. Well said fernglow, it is indeed a seed that needs time to harvest. As long as you nuture it well it will definitely yield a positive result.

      How’s is your buisness going man? Thank you for the comment.

  5. I like how you break down the idea of affiliate marketing in a simple but honest way. You don’t play around here, you get straight to the point which is really cool. A friend of mine came across this site and said I should have a look at the way you break it down.

  6. I like the information that you included. I did find it to be a lot of information for one lesson. Is there a way that you could break it up and include smaller lessons? I am new at the online marketing and would love to learn more but there was just too much to learn in the first lesson.

    1. Hey wendy

      It was actually my intention to make it this way by including all the information in one place. I wanted to give the readers a one read experience but I totally understand where you are coming from.

      Information overload right? I will break the topic down and explain further in another post just for you dear.

      In the mean time can you point out where you might be having trouble with. I am here to help you with anything you might be facing with your online business.

      Thanks for the comment Wendy.

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