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My name is Jimi and i am going to be your personal guide to the tremendous opportunities of wealth creation online.

I grew up with the mentality of paying attention in school, end up with good grades and look to my uncles to use their influence in the banking sector to get me a good paying job. I was young and naive, the truth is i did not know any better.

As with you i was a product of what the society made us to be. I got out of school never really getting a good paying job, always feeling miserable with no form of purpose until i broke from that way of thinking. 

I really don’t want to bore you with the regular cliche, i mean you probably had worse but the moment i began to be more self aware, i was ready and open to change my situation.

Internet Entrepreneur

One thing i am grateful for is the opportunity to be in this world of internet marketing. A world where some still refuse to accept as a means to financial freedom.

It is as good as opening up a store and hiring individuals to market your product but in this case these individuals are what we call toolsTools that are guaranteed to give more than 1000% returns on investment. All you need is a guarantee to put in more than 1000% of work.

Work that seems like nothing because everything is done at your own comfort.

Online marketing is as easy as the online entrepreneurs make it out to be. A push in the right direction is all one needs to getting it right.


147idea.com is about equipping you with the right money making information anyone would ever wish they have.

I am basically going to be dishing out information about my experiences online.

Information you can use to set up any business online or improve your already existing business.

Information you may never understand if not rightly tutored.

Information i might have never had if not for Wealthy Affiliates, a place where i hangout with like minded entrepreneurs.

I am fully equipped with knowledge to give out. Join me and my friends and Register for the free starter membership.

Having had no experience whatsoever when it comes to making money online, no mentor, and no sought of guide. I have failed, i was conned, drained mentally and financially, but never got over the DREAM!!

The dream to succeed was all the drive i need!!!

I am  not going to come here and tell you i am making millions online because, well not yet……. but i can tell you confidently that i am on the path to making millions and be financially free.

I know what to do to secure my future financially and I am inviting you to join me on that road.

Note; you do not need to have an already exciting business to set up a profitable business online.

We got you, all you need is an internet enabled device with enough data to set up and run your business.


I work full time from home and my goal is to provide you with the codes to creating a business or make your already existing business flourish online.

Send me a mail(jimi@147idea.com) requesting to show you how to get started with making money online.


Again I am Jimi and Its my utmost pleasure meeting you. Kindly drop a comment or you could freely get in touch with me anytime via WealthyAffiliate.com(here is a link to my profile)



Your friend,



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