Have you ever gotten a pop up on your computer with a headline that says “how I made six(6) figures doing this from home”? Do you know you can make millions passively on the side or full-time online?……. Trust me I know!

Making money never got easier than it is now in a world where everything revolves around the internet. With over three billion users of the internet, you have a diversely populated audience ready to do business with you.

Making money online holds no barrier nor limits neither does it have a requirement. You do not have to worry about the petty things society holds on to like age, qualification, skills, gender, experiences, profession, ability or disability, background, language, race, capital etc.

Besides these are things you created in the mind to keep you from moving forward.

There are several internet marketers making a steady income online around the world. It could be a part-time or full-time job, just enough to meet a certain project, to pay debts, to dispose of old things (i mean people sell used items just for a quick buck on eBay),  as a hobby etc.

which ever preference works for you, the internet is just the place to put in ideas to work and make legitimate money.

The exciting aspect is the unlimited cash you can make out of any giving focus you decide to put your time on. You can make as little as $1, $5, to thousands of dollars on a daily basis spending little or nothing.

All it requires is an internet enabled device and enough data to go by.

Make a simple google search and you will have access to various ways to make money online.

In this article, I outlined seven(7) business guaranteed to make you a steady income online without investing much. Go through to figure out which works for you.

Seven(7) Best And Legit Online Jobs

Create gigs on fiverr and earn from it.

1. Freelance.

This is one of the best online money making methods there is on the internet. This is where people offer services to others for an amount of money. Companies and individual outsource services to other companies and individuals for an agreed amount of money.

There are Popular platforms like Elance, Freelancer, Fiverr, ODesk, and many others where you can find these type of opportunities and make a good income from it.

Fiverr is one freelance platform I recommend for anybody looking to start a business freelancing their area of expertise to other people in need of their service. Millions of people outsource their work on fiverr.com  for just $5 on a daily basis.

These fiverr services are called gigs, and they include Writing and translation, video & animation, graphic design, digital marketing, music and audio, programming and tech and a whole lot of other niches and sub niches available.

Do a proper research and find out what you can offer and how to deliver.

Sell a book on amazon.

2. Book Publishing.

In less than five(5) minutes anyone can publish a book on Amazon for free, making your book appear in Kindle stores worldwide within 24-48 hours.

Kindle Direct Publishing is an Amazon publishing center where you have all the rights, set your own price and earn up to 70% royalty on sales to customers in the United States, Japan, Mexico, Spain and around the world.

Becoming the best selling author doesn’t have to be for the Dan Browns, Harlequins and J.K Rowlings of this world alone.

You don’t necessarily have to be a writer to own and sell a book online. Through a license called private label right Authors, one can sell all the intellectual property rights to their work to others.

This gives you the right to modify the book, put your name on the book, publish on Kindle and make a steady income running to millions from it.

You can pay a token for books on plrplr.com, plrbooks.com and go to amazon.com search for kindle direct publishing to publish your book.

3. Viral Engagement.

Earn money from viral videos and promote it on sites like youtube, TubeMogul,

Promote a niche product and earn a commission.

4. Affiliate Marketing.

This is perhaps my favorite money making system online. This is where you get paid on a commission basis for promoting other people’s or company’s product.

You can earn up to 80% or more for every sale made from your effort.

A unique tracking link is giving to the marketer (who is known as the affiliate) by the company and any click on that link brings you to a landing page where the customer gets to pay for the product or any other products for that matter.

Any sale tracked back to that link results to a reward by means of the commission given to the affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing is time demanding but very rewarding especially when you choose the product that has a large audience demanding for it with less competition.

This is one of the major means bloggers make their money online, it is an old system that is not ready to go away and it keeps growing with time. As more and more people get to have access to the internet companies will always offer affiliate programs for affiliates to promote their business.

shareable, Clickbank, Amazon are some of the affiliate programs with a variety of niche market to target audience too.

My major source of income with this site is affiliate marketing. Read about my experience here and get a one on one tutor on affiliate marketing.

5. Drop Shipping.

Drop shipping is a retailer to consumer or other retailers business where you sell a product to people online without manufacturing, holding inventory, or delivering the product yourself.

This is how it works, you promote a product lets say office furniture, you then agree with the supplier who offers drop shipping services to deliver the product directly to the customer instead of you.

You charge the customer for the product higher than the supplier’s selling price then when he orders and pay, you pay the supplier, the supplier drops the item with the customer directly. The excess is yours.

This is perhaps the most common e-commerce business online, where all you have to do is worry about is promoting the business.

It is similar to affiliate marketing but this time you control the price and dictate whatever you want to get per item sold rather than on a commission basis.

shopify.com is the best e-commerce platform on the internet, it takes few minutes to set up a store online that is exclusively yours and you can promote your business to millions of people.

Aliexpress.com is the best dropshipping offer outlet on the internet where suppliers are ready to do your dropshipping business for you.

Sell your pictures and earn from it.

6. Photography.

I see quite a number of people going in for the photography profession and I don’t mean the regular photographers. Everybody seems to have some sought of skills when it comes to photography, we even have a name for it, selfies; this is why I am picking it as one of my best seven(7) legit money making online business.

Do you know that you can sell stock photos on the internet, we have thousands of digital photos occupying space on our mobile, we buy new memory cards so as not to do away with the pictures we have on memory space.

We give unnecessary importance to images that have little or no value to us but I am here to tell you that you can sell stock photos on platforms like istockphoto.com or shutterstock.com.

Amateurs and professionals can sell their photos and make a passive income doing so. People leave their jobs to concentrate on this so it might be a good one to go for.

Start a business by investing in a good quality digital camera and sell your pictures online.

You can also turn your iPhone photos into cash using a new app called FOAP.

Make money selling the online course.

7. How To Video.

There is something you are good at or passionate enough to teach the next person. It could be just a hobby, your profession, anything good enough to pass on the next person.

You can create series of videos teaching people how to do things and make money off of it by selling on sites like udemy.com, teachable.com, wiziq.com, ruzuku.com, academyofmine.com and so on.

Choose a topic and structure a course out of it, make it visually interesting and break it into bits for your audience, draw attention with the title and interested people looking to learn will not mind paying.

I learned about teespring affiliate from a course on udemy I paid $10 for.

That’s $10 passive income into someone’s account.



There are plenty of things you can do online to generate passive income for yourself. Things like building an app, investing in Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs), sell products, lifestyle blogging, and loads of more. I just wanted to point out this seven to narrow down your options.

Making money online is not new so it should not be regarded as the “in thing”, but I can understand when we get awed by the opportunities.

Millions of people around the world have chosen a niche market to work with and have earned tremendously from it but please do not take it as an easy way to get out of your money problems.

It is passive income that needs to be studied and put to practice before you can begin to enjoy its fruits.

What better way to know than to actually do.

7 business guaranteed to make you money online
A work through video by Kyle of wealthy affiliate

The internet is literally a place to make something out of nothing, so get started. Whatever job you do offline it can be applied on the internet because you have a better chance to a wider market.

Also, you do not have to be an expert to make money out of any niche for the internet has all the information you need to succeed. The question is, how much do you want it?

Find my profile and let me get you started with Affiliate Marketing or leave a comment with any question below.





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