What do you use social media for? Connecting with old and new friends? looking for cheap gossip? venting and announcing your current situation?

Contrary to what internet marketers preach i have nothing against the petty things people use social media for. I think it is what makes it fun and gathers millions of people together however, there is more to it that just socializing. 

Where there is a gathering there is a market and social networking sites are the perfect place for small business owners to pitch their business and attract sales.

The first line of promoting your business is through a website (i wrote an article on “why it is important for your business to have a website”) but the quickest way for activities on the website to be seen is via social media.

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It is a thing of old where you have to spend millions on advertising to reach a particular audience. Billions of people are subscribed users of social media platforms, giving your business more free organic reach when you share. You can also share directly to users that are in need of what you sell.

The great thing about social media is that there are many options to choose from with over one hundred(100) thriving networks but i doubt most of them is worthy of you time.

In this post i will outline the seven social networking sites you should not joke with and suggest you build your business around.


Seven(7) Best Social Media Sites I Work With.

1. Facebook:

Facebook the King of social media itself founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 when he was just a college student. Over the years it has grown to over 1.6 billion users and still counting. It is the number one ranked social networking site in the world.

It is said that its mission to make the world more open and connected is only 1% done. Who can beat that.

Millions of business around the world use facebook to promote their business.

Create your personal business page for free and share your latest post from your website allowing it to show on the page of users that like your page. Your business page users can also share these contents to their friends allowing your content reach a larger number of people organically.

You can also target users directly using paid ads.

Mark Zurkerberg just recently launched the facebook messenger bot, a software interface chat bot marketers can use to reach their potential and existing clients directly.

Facebook is social media’s king and it is the first thing your business, website should have. Do not joke with it!

2. Twitter:

This is another social networking sites where users can interact with one another by sending messages with just 140 characters. This site is an interactive site allowing you to communicate with other brands and customers directly

I call it a micro-semi blog because even with the restricted characters your post has a tendency of reaching thousands of people following you and it can be re-tweeted to reach even more people.

Get to understand the site more by consistently engaging it with your business contents, post and articles, customer and brand interaction. This helps to give you authority among your followers and also increase your business following.

Get more exposure to your business by following hashtags related to your business and customer base.

3. LinkedIn:

This is the first business to business social networking site launched in 2003. It has over 155million active users in over 2oo countries.

Initially when i joined linkedIn, it was to to post my CV for employers to take note and possibly get a job as this was the reason i thought it was for, but over the years i have come to understand that linkedIn is not just about Job-postings, company descriptions, employer/employee research.

Business owners can do a whole lot more to establish there business on the network.

Don’t just start a sales pitch, target your audience through groups and invite them to join your business page. This is the best social media platform for business to business marketing. Utilize it well.

4. Pinterest:

This is a social media platform where you get to share visuals that are appealing to your audience.

The idea is to create theme based boards that relates to your business and cover the board with a “pin it” button. This pin it button connects people that share the same taste and ideology behind the board.

It is said that pinterest beats yahoo in organic website traffic making it the 4th giant in web traffic, meaning it is now in the league of the big players like google. If you haven’t started using pinterest social media platform for your business in 2017, i advice you do so now.

5. Google+:

This is one of the updates created by google to share and discover amazing things while connecting with passionate people. It gets over one billion unique visitors in a month so you can imagine the numbers you target as a business owner.

One little secret most internet marketers do not understand is the role google plus play in getting websites indexed on the number one search engine in the world. By posting your web activities in a google plus account of your own, what you have done is show google that your business exist.

Benefits of your Website Having An Active Google Plus Account.

  1. Better Rankings in Google.
  2. Build up Your Author Value in Google (as you create quality content).
  3. Faster Indexing in Google.
  4. A more trustworthy relationship with Google as they don’t like anonymity.
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6. Instagram:

Instagram is one of my favorite social networking site targeting mobile users. It is more of a picture based social media platform where pictorial contents are posted. Hashtags are used to connect to a wider range.

Simple to create stunning photos using digital filters and also making your brand more personal with the caption and share button. 

It allows only one links to another website in the bio. This serves as a perfect place to link your landing page and build your list. 

7. Youtube:

This is another social networking platform where you can share contents in form of videos to a large community of people. You can post how to video for your business or post musical videos.

Website owners should register a youtube account so they can have access to a channel where they can distribute live contents. Creative videos can go viral causing more conversion for your business.


Benefits Of Social Networking.

Going through the social networking sites i outlined and explained above, you can tell that social media has more to offer than just socializing. Get with the program to enjoy the benefits of adding life to your online business.


1. Building and Maintaining Relationship:

Without even meeting in person social media helps to build relationships and long lasting friendships. When you are behind your internet device, more often than not we tend to share more than we are willing to, which makes us show our human part. 

People associates with businesses they can relate with more especially when the business shows that connection. Social media helps to build and maintain such relationships, besides it is easier for your customers to connect with you which also builds loyalty.

2. Content Sharing:

The quickest way to share your company activities is via social media. Customers may not know when there is a new supply or promo running in your business except you post and share on social networking sites like facebook, twitter, instagram. 

These same people helps to share your contents and move to a wider audience. You will be surprised how speedy your news can travel with a networking site like twitter. 

3. Improves Brand Engagement:

As long as you keep sharing quality contents social media is a powerful way to improve your brand’s engagement. It helps to get more traffic to your website and your brand which also increases your rank on google.

For instance the more people retweet, share and like your contents the more recognition you get with google.

4. Understanding Customers:

One way to build your business and get more conversion is by understanding the market by coming in terms with want the customers need. Social media is a perfect platform to get to understand your customers.

There are billions of tweets, shares, likes pictures uploaded on a daily by consumers, this is the best way to gather information about customers, which also helps to make intelligent business decisions.

5. Brands Networking:

Making friends is easier and faster with social media. Business can network with each other and exchange ideas, build relationships, work together, and together they can reach more people and build traffic that are beneficial to their business online.

6. Targeting Ads With Results:

Through paid ads you can promote your business, get engagements and leads, convert sales on social media platforms. 

Sites like facebook and linkedin, you can run an ad campaign in segments on location, company, job title, gender, and age based on location, demographics, interests, behaviors, and connections.

You can also track and measure the performance of these social ads campaign in real time on facebook. Targeting campaigns helps to narrow down your prospective customers hence getting more conversion and sales. 




When i first registered on facebook, i felt it was a great platform to network with old school friends and also a place to meet with new ones. I remember spending time and money in the cyber cafe every morning, spending more than two(2) hours catching up with friends i barely even know.

It was a cyber cafe so i may not get to see a message after my time is gone but i would always have time for the next day spending time on meaningless conversations.

 It seemed fun at the time i won’t lie but just so you know facebook and other social outlets has more to offer than chatting with friends. 

Millions of dollars are flowing the internet via social media on a daily, brands are getting recognition on a daily, entertainers are breaking out, startup companies are emerging, millionaires are popping up. It is high time you make money out of your social hubby and get with the program.

I understand that most young people have no idea what to do or where to go about starting something lucrative online. I wrote an article on seven(7) business guaranteed to make you money online without investing much.

Getting yourself acquainted with the opportunities online is crucial and you need to be careful where you get this knowledge so as not to fall into the wrong hands.

This is why i recommend the ultimate online university needed to equip yourself with the knowledge to run any business online. You may have a successful business you want to up scale using the power of the internet or perhaps you do not know what business to do.

Study this review to gain knowledge on how to get started even with a free website.

Thank you for spending time to read this article, please do not forget to share on your social media platform and help us grow.

Kindly, drop a comment on how helpful this article was to you in the comment session below. It could be an observation, a question you need answers to, or critic.



4 thoughts on “Social Networking Sites You Should Not Joke With”

  1. You are absolutely right social media can be one of the most amazing tools on the internet if used correctly.

    I am currently building an online business and use social media to share my online content with my friends and acquaintances online. The number of people I can connect with is incredible

    1. You will be amazed by the level of engagement your business makes online…. Social media is also a good tool used to validate your online busines.

      All the best Craig.

  2. Nice review of the social media sites for promoting business. I actually use a few of them (facebook, twitter, pinterest, and Google+).

    I have never messed around with LinkedIn, but it sounds like I should perhaps look into further. If I can find ‘groups’ that fit my ‘work from home’ theme of my latest affiliate website I could generate some nice traffic… I hope!

    Instagram sounds like another I should also check out.

    I have a hard time using social media. It rather annoys me. But I do understand it has its benefits.

    Thanks for an informative review.

    TD Bauer

    1. linkedin groups is a good spot to get business owners in your niche for guest posting. This helps both business in term of traffic.

      You should try instagram as well, although it allows for only one link which is on the bio. It is perfect for your squeeze page link.

      I understand when you say you have a hard time using social media… It takes a lot of time to make effective use of it but it’s benefits makes it worthwhile.

      Thank you TD bauer

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