Do you not think you are wasting time being passionate about something without making money from it?….. or you don’t know you can make money doing what you love?

The idea of writing this post came to me after a conversation with a friend who loves to talk about relationships and how you should thrive to make it work. I know her to be a lover of weddings, engagements and love stories in general.

This is an observation she gets a lot from people, not just from me and she finds it complimenting that people think of her that way even though she doesn’t actually recognize the gift she has.

This is where i came in and opened her eyes to what she has and how she can make money doing exactly what she loves. lots of people go around with passion for something without earning any form of living from it. Most time its ignorance.

People make thousands of dollars monthly for something they barely have love for, how much more you that is passionate. 

I came up with four(4) steps to follow and make money around your passion and shared it with her. I thought i share it here as well.


Four(4) Steps to Follow and Make Money Doing What you Love

1.) Have a Website.

By now you should know i am a regular preacher of the need to have a website. A website is where the business around your money making passion takes place.

As much as you can do something and perhaps have knowledge on that thing more than anybody, if you don’t see it as a business you can profit from, you may never make money from it.

There are a lot of people with similar interest as you, people that wants to gain your knowledge on that topic.

A website is like your personal outlet where people can reach and benefit from you. For every passion you want to make a business out of, there should be value added.

Value is what keeps the audience coming, value is what makes it a business, value is what makes money for you, but it can only make sense when you have an online presence which is a website. Make your passion a business by building a website.


2.) Create Contents.

The next step to is start creating contents. This is something you have been doing for fun on a normal day, but now that you are in business it is time to start documenting. Start penning your thoughts and ideas down in form of blog posts and articles.

Create Social media platforms to engage your audience more closely with contents in form of post, tweets, images and also you can make your engagement more personal by sharing your experience or anyone’s story they can relate with.

Target keywords questions that are already in demand in your niche and write blog posts about this questions for people searching for them to find.


3.) Let Your Voice be Heard.

Like my friend most people are already putting out there passion about something but in the wrong channel.

I know a few Barcelona FC fans that will eat you raw just to put their points across that their club is the best football team ever. Who Cares? Don’t say that to me, say it to those that care. Trust me they are out there looking for you to tell them.

You can start a podcast that analyzes Barcelona’s game every other week and review before and after matches. Create a platform for your voice to be heard.

Create a vlog or podcast or both for visual and audio contents and air your voice to like minded people that will give you audience.

Trust me there are millions of passionate people that will give you that audience but you need a platform to bring a good percentage of this people together.


4.) Monetize.

Have a clear vision of what you want to give that is of value to your audience and sell to them. Monetizing your business is the reason we are here in the first place. Do not allow anyone make you feel guilty and stop you from selling your passion.

Between book publishing, affiliate products, display advertising, consulting services and linking your website to an app then monetizing it, you can make a decent living from doing what you love.

Build a list by offering a free version of your paid service to encourage sign ups and eventually sell your product to the people in your list.

Build an event around your passion, such as a festival or community organization and then offer a product to sell.


Right Before my friend started schooling me on relationships we had a brief conversation on her new job. She complained about how her new boss was treating her and that she needed a new job.

Well honey you have a job within you, you just don’t know it yet. This goes for anyone that may be in that same scenario.

“Use what you have for what you have is plenty”

It is not enough to quit your job at first but trust me with time it will. I know People making six figures in dollars yearly and they are still growing.

I understand that not everybody has something they feel passionate about but you too can leverage on the internet for there are opportunities even for you. The online market is vast with opportunities that is guaranteed to make you money online.

You just have to key into one and make it work for you. Its a seed that need attention and time to germinate and harvest, so you better get to work.

Getting started online especially for newbies might require one on one training and over the shoulder type of follow up.

Wealthy Affiliate is the place where you can get quality training and lessons for your online business as a newbie and already established entrepreneur.

I wrote a review on why you should start with wealthy affiliate, check it out here.

I hope you enjoyed this little piece and it will encourage you to make money following your passion. Kindly, leave a comment if so and also find me on my wealthy affiliate profile so i can get you started online.


20 thoughts on “4 Steps to Follow and Make Money Around Your Passion”

  1. Excellent advice. If people have a passion that they love… why not take it a step further and try and make money from it! Makes sense to me.

    The amount of money that changes hands over the internet every year is amazing. In 2016 alone, in the United States, online retail sales are estimated at around 335 billion dollars. And by 2020 it is predicted to be 535 billion. I want a piece of that!

    Affiliate marking and starting an at home business is probably the best thing a person can do to tap into that money exchanging hands.

    1. I like how you say “i want a piece of that” because i do want a piece as well. The cool part is the market is open for business around the world just at the comfort of your home.

      Following your analogy, In 2016, total retail sales around the world reach $22.049 trillion, up 6.0% from the previous year and estimated sales will top $27 trillion in 2020.

      This is real money exchanging hands, money that holds no barrier. I am only trying to stay in position and channel the flow to my household. 🙂

      Thank you TD Bauer.

  2. Think most of us are dreaming about making a living from something we are passionate about. I am trying to create a setup like that myself.

    I think your steps are great and a great way to get started. I do however also think that there is one aspect that is very important that I started thinking about when reading the story about your friend. That is to also look a bit into why we are passionate about something – if it is to lectureto people like you mention, I do not necessarily think that it will be successful to have a website. People do not like being talked down to.

    So think that it is very important that we focus and creating something that we are not just ourselves passionate about, but also something that can really help people and not just something we do to make ourselves fell good. Then I think it will also be easier to succeed in the online business world.

    Some great food for thought your article gave me, so just a lot of these thoughts from here:-).


    1. You are absolutely right Mikael, the whole idea of marketing is to provide value to the end users, i mentioned something like that in the article. Helping others is the key to a successful marketing career.

      Thanks for your insightful observation.

  3. This is a great way not only to make money but if successful you can turn this into a full time job. Many are now enjoying the benefits of being their own boss working from home and doing what they love doing and that is their passion. Wealthy affiliate has the training to help make this dream to become a reality.

    1. Many indeed are benefiting from the work from home trend but its still weird most people do not understand that it is actually very possible. I am glad i am a believer.

      Thanks Norman.

  4. Hey man , you’ve got an outstanding site man! It’s inspiring and has given me the confidence to keep pushing on with my dreams of financial freedom within my passion.
    The online marketing world is bigger than ever and in today’s world, it’s only getting bigger! It’s all about isolating your passion, and giving people a reason to trust and listen to what your content is about on your site. Great site man.

    1. Yes you are right, it is about giving people reasons to follow and see things in your own perspective. This will breed trust among your listeners.

      I appreciate your comment, thank you Gabe.

  5. Hello Jimmy
    thanks for explaining the 4 easy steps to making money online.
    I believe for anyone to make money online, you need to follow your passion because if you follow the money, you soon give up because at the beginning when just getting started and the money is not yet rolling in it can be frustrating and if you`re writing on a subject you`re not passionate about,giving up can seem the easy way out.
    Now creating a website may sound scary if you`re doing it for the first time, but in my opinion, creating high-quality content that rank and getting traffic is the hard part in online marketing.
    Having said that with the right training and tools and being ready to take action almost anyone can succeed with online business.
    Very informative and interesting read, thanks for sharing.

    1. Following what you love doing makes your work easy and less of a job. Also getting high ranking is hard but with time and following every step in the wealthy affiliate training the traffic will begin to roll in.

      With that been said it all starts with you, if you are ready to put in the work, you will get the reward in due time.

      Thanks Roamy

  6. Hey there! I found your article really informative and interesting to read. I’m a student and I’m searching for a part time job online. After I read your article you gave me the idea of creating my own website and start earning with it. Also that wealthy affiliate will help me with this kind of part time job. But the thing I don’t know is that how you earn the money with website? I greatly appreciate your response.

    1. A website is like your office, a store where you sell, attend to client, relate with other business and basically build your empire.

      Earning money with your website is the same way you earn on a regular brick and mortal offline store but this time with a larger market. You can sell products as an affiliate, sell your own product, you can sell advert space on your website, etc. There are various ways to monetize your website, it all depends on what value you want to give.

      The easiest way to get started is here http://tinyurl.com/zl3287k

      You won’t regret it!!

      Thanks for the comment John

  7. Hey Jimmy,

    I want to make money with my passion for soccer but I can’t seem to get through the second step, creating content. I have been hearing that you have to be a great writer to be able to convince people to make money through your links.

    I am not that great of a writer myself, and I don’t have money to outsource articles. What will I do and I really want this to work for me?

    1. Hey Dave,

      You do not have to be a “great writer” to create contents or express yourself. As long as you have something to talk about you are good, you just need target more keyword in your soccer niche. Off the top of my head i can think of one or two keyword you can work with.

      The champions league final is a good start in terms of keyword research.

      Follow this lesson on Content Creation here http://tinyurl.com/kbdvyf4


  8. Thank you for sharing this. I did not know how to activate my passion and put it too work for. I always knew that I did not want to work a regular job, but didn’t have an outlet. Now I do! Like you said, I will build a website around my passion and learn how to monetize it.

    1. You should my friend. Igniting your passion is something you should live for because there is a sense of fulfillment when you live life at your terms.

      Thanks for the comment Jonathan.

  9. Thanks for breaking information about making money online into 4 bite-size easily-digestible chunks! Oddly enough, I did not felt overwhelm by the amount of information that you had provided. Now you briefly mentioned about Wealthy Affiliate as a tool to guide people towards building their money making empire online. But I have always wondered with such learning programs. Are there up-sell after up-sell when somebody signs up for it?

    1. Hey Merell,

      There are no upsell whatsoever with wealthy affiliate. It has a monthly payment fee of $49 per month for premium members only. You can register for free and obtain 2 free websites to start your business but you are limited to certain usage on the site.

      You can upgrade only when you feel comfortable doing so. You aren’t obligated.

      Thanks for you comment man. I hope to see you on the other side.

  10. Making money from my passion does sound interesting but I have no idea what really my passion is and I’m not that good when it comes to finding out my passion.
    I mean it may sound easy, choose whatever you like doing but the problem is I really do not know which niche would be the best for me.

    1. Hi Shrey,

      Like you I had no idea what I was passionate about, even now i can’t tell you what i love doing best or what makes me stand out but i know i love to make money.

      Making money is what a lot of us have in common and that my dear isn’t all about a passion you love. Passion in my opinion can be built.

      Wealthy affiliate provides the skills necessary to make money online even when you do not know what to do.

      Check the Affiliate Bootcamp https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/training/wa-affili


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